Our deals

At Playmillion Partners we help you earn the best possible revenues on the players you send us.

To do this we provide the best possible variety of payment plans in order that you can chose the one most suitable for the way you do business. This fact alone makes us one of the most popular Affiliate Programs in the Gaming Affiliate Industry.

We offer three types of payment plan:

  • CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)
  • This is where you receive a one-off payment for each Real Money Player you refer to us directly or via one of your sub-affiliates.
  • MNR (Monthly Net Revenue)
  • This is where you receive a percentage of the money staked by Real Money Players you refer to us directly or via one of your sub-affiliates.
    We calculate your revenues at the end of every month, and we pay your earnings during the following month.
  • Hybrid (A mixture of CPA and MNR)
  • This is where you get the best of both worlds. Money upfront for Depositing Players and then a share of their revenue produced over time. This Plan is not for everyone so you will need to request this from your Account Manager.

To keep a track of your players we provide you with a unique code to each one of your chosen online marketing materials and we link this to the payment plan you have chosen. We call these Tracking Links or Trackers. You can assign a different Tracker to each type of payment plan you use or you can choose to have the same payment plan for all of your Trackers. The choice is yours.

Payment of Commission

Payments will be made in Euro on or before the 10th working day of every month and you can choose to be paid by Wire Transfer direct to your Bank, Moneybookers, Neteller and Webmoney